When should I seek help from a psychologist?

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Ricky Joseph

The help of a psychologist can be sought in the most diverse situations of our lives. That stereotype that those who go to a psychologist are crazy never made and still does not make sense, being totally detached from reality.

Moments of loss

The moments of loss are agonizing situations in our life in which we lose our strength. Even more so when this loss is not considered a normal passage, when, for example, a parent loses a child.

In these situations we are very weak psychologically, and there are things that we would like to talk about without anyone interrupting us giving us shitty advice.

This is what is called catharsis, which is "putting everything out there". Seeking the help of a psychologist is totally considerable in situations like this, because this will help us work through all this pain we are feeling.

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Stress, anxiety and depression

There are phases in our life that we are really not doing well, and there are phases that we are at rock bottom. By going through constant hardships, whether in family life, work, or any other realm, a person can wear themselves out and end up with one or all three of these pictures.

Stress, anxiety, and depression can be rocks falling on anyone's roof and can cause catastrophic consequence if left untreated, ranging from loss of appreciation for life to suicide itself. So if you're feeling like you're at a point where you can't stand up on your own, the help of a psychologist is a tool you should use.

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Do not look for drugs to get a quick fix, use them only as a last resort with the guidance of a doctor who specializes in your problem. Drugs are only the last line of defense because, unlike therapy, they can have contraindications, and have heavy side effects.


Phobias are exaggerated fears. If you are afraid of a spider, it is normal to run away from one, however, if you have extreme anxiety whenever you see one you may be suffering from a phobia.

Phobias are one of the most classic problems treated by psychologists from various walks of life, so if you seek one for treatment of this problem, rest assured that they have come up with very effective techniques.

Family and relationships

You may have seen in a series on television that classic scene of a couple's therapy, where hilarious scenes happen. However, couples therapy is something serious, which can save your marriage from a terrible divorce.

Not only couples, but various family problems can get a light through the professional help of a psychologist.

Addictions and habits

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Addictions, whether illegal or legal, can end our social coexistence and make us sad people, always having to obey destructive wills that generate equally destructive behaviors.

Stopping an addiction on your own is an extremely difficult thing to do, so seeking help from a psychologist is nothing short of a great choice.

Help from a psychologist: Conclusion

We can punctuate endless situations in which seeking the help of a psychologist is not at all dispensable, however, we can still leave out your situation.

If you feel it's appropriate, pay a visit to a psychologist, even if you don't have a definite reason. Perhaps just this desire to talk to one is already a sign that something inside you should be worked on by a trained professional.

With information from Healthline.

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