Want a Border Collie? Characteristics, behavior and intelligence

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Ricky Joseph

The Border Collie dog breed is famous for its characteristics, intelligence and behavior. Border Collies are full of energy and very obedient, they are admirable and very loyal to their owners. They are medium-sized dogs, very smart and quite agitated, they are always willing to practice some activity and love to play.


They have an athletic appearance, with a trunk longer than shoulder height, look like a light-weight Australian Shepherd, but with a bushy tail.

Their coats can be short or moderately longer and their colors are quite diverse, ranging from white, black and shades of brown, with white spots on the body.

As they usually shed a lot of hair, daily brushing is recommended so that their coats are always shiny and silky. A notable point of border collies are their striking eyes, usually brown in color.

They have an average height between 46 to 56 centimeters and a weight ranging from 13 to 20 kg and have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, if they have an active and healthy life.

Border collies don't like to sit still (Katrin B./Pixabay)


Whoever considers having a puppy of this breed should know that it will take space and dedication with their routines. As they are always moving, it is difficult to live in an apartment or places with little space - if you want to have in any of these places, you must take him for a daily walk.

The ideal is that the routine of border collies is adapted with physical activities throughout the day, so he can feel satisfied. Their personality is fascinating, very cheerful, playful and intelligent.

Border collies are very sociable and easy to train, so, as the training techniques work very well, they have conquered more and more companions who are looking for a great guard dog, because they are always on the alert.

Because they are very agitated, it is essential to stimulate an exercise routine that can consume their energy, to maintain a good physical condition with quality of life. Therefore, the diet should also be balanced, with the correct amount of nutrients to replenish their energy.


They dominate the intelligence question and are considered the most intelligent dogs in the world! According to the book "The Intelligence of Dogs" by Stanley Coren, border collies stand out for easily recording commands and for always being attentive.

Another very interesting curiosity is the famous Striker, a very intelligent border collie that entered the Guinness Book, for managing to open a manual window of a car in 11.34 seconds!

Chaser and his owner (Image/Reproduction)

This breed has many famous puppies. Currently, the illustrious Chaser became famous for being able to identify various toys by their names. She recognized more than a thousand words.

Health and quality of life of the Border Collie

The breed may present some genetic diseases, such as CEA - Collie Eye Anomaly that can impair the vision of the puppy and hip dysplasia, which is nothing more than the wrong fit of the hip bones. These conditions usually arise at an older age, but may arise at any age or not at all. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the routine of your pet from early on withveterinary medical monitoring so that they grow healthy and full of energy.

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