These scientists were killed for their creations

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Ricky Joseph

Throughout history, many scientists have been killed for their creations, either because they wanted to launch something completely innovative or because their equipment went wrong. Here are some of the most important cases.

It is not always easy to create something new and that conquers the population, moreover, many times this ends up being dangerous for its creators. Thus, not always happens a happy ending, and in some cases the products even make success, but the problem is with their inventors.

1 - Marie Curie

Marie Curie is one of the most important names in science, having recently received the title of the most influential woman in history. Marie was the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize, and the second to receive the award twice. She discovered two chemical elements; polonium and radium. And later developed the theory of radioactivity. Still, she did not escape the sad list thatinvolves scientists killed for their creations.

Her death came in 1934 from aplastic anemia from being in contact with the elements she discovered. Marie Curie literally gave her life for science and her discoveries saved thousands of lives.

2 - William Bullock

William Bullock was a scientist killed by one of his creations. In fact, the American inventor is one of the best examples of this, since during his life he helped in the evolution of the printing industry. And if today you can print documents, reports and photographs, it's because more than a century ago, Bullock developed this technology.

In April 1867 his plan was to set up a new printing press at the newspaper Philadelphia Public Ledger But when he was trying to throw a belt connected to a pulley, his foot ended up caught in the machine and crushed. All right, he didn't die there, but within a few days the worst ended up happening. So, four days later Bullock's foot was amputated due to gangrene and he didn't resist.

A portrait of the American inventor, William Bullock, who developed one of the first printing presses and was literally killed for his invention.(Public Domain)

3 - Donald Campbell

During the 1950s and 1960s Donald Campbell broke several speed records piloting cars. In 1966, his goal was to reach 500 km/h. To do so, he used a Bluebird K7 seaplane with a powerful and lightweight engine.

The first leg was passed with ease, but without refueling he set off for the second, where he encountered a lack of stability and other problems. The vehicle disintegrated as soon as it touched the surface, killing Campbell.

Donald Campbell was driving the vehicle in the image. Photo: PA

4 - Franz Reichelt

Franz Reichelt became known as "the flying tailor." He invented the parachute jacket and tried to prove the capability of his creation by jumping off the Eiffel Tower, which at the time, was the tallest structure in the world. But the parachute didn't work and he ended up dying in front of a crowd of people. His accidental death recorded in a film that appears in

His fall opened a considerable hole in the ground, but that is not what actually killed him. The autopsy of the body showed that Reichelt suffered a heart attack, dying before he even touched the ground.

5 - Cowper Coles

Cowper Coles created one of the strongest warships in history, the Turret. However, during a sailing trip, the steel giant ended up sinking on September 6, 1870, with her creator on board.

The battleship Turret, which later sank, taking with it its creator, who ended up in the list of scientists killed by their creations. (Image: Cowper Phipps Coles, Public domain)

6 - Henry Winstanley

The famous architect Henry Winstanley lost some ships after a storm, so he decided to build a large lighthouse at Eddystone. In the early 1700s, he invented the first Eddystone lighthouse, which he believed could protect ships from storms. But, he did not expect that in November 1703 a hurricane would appear to destroy the construction and take it along with it.

Winstanley Lighthouse, which was carried away along with its creator by a hurricane. (1761 engraving by Henry Roberts - Charles Knight - publisher - "Pictorial Gallery of Arts" - Charles Knight & Co, 22 Ludgate Street, London)

7 - Jimi Heselden

Among the scientists killed by their inventions on our list, Jimi Heselden is the most current. He had bought the Segway company and in September 2010 died piloting one of the equipment produced.

Among the scientists killed for their inventions on our list, Jimi Heselden is the most current.

All right, he wasn't the creator of the equipment, but he couldn't be left off the list.

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