These are the best countries to overcome the collapse of our civilization

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Ricky Joseph

Which territories would be the most "prepared" to overcome the collapse of our civilization? The researchers asked themselves. Five countries made up the list developed by the professionals involved in the research, but one of them stands out from the rest.

The Global Sustainability Institute team analyzed the best countries that would be likely to be resilient to these threats, so climate change, resource exploitation, and population growth would not hinder development in these regions.

Everything within a society is interconnected for some reason, and not even the best countries to escape the collapse of civilization can escape. There are several indications of this fact, such as globalization, which has spread and is still spreading aggressively.

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After all, what are the top five countries that the researchers found?

Nick King and Aled Jones took into account a number of factors in drawing up a list, including energy and manufacturing infrastructure, carrying capacity and isolation. As they reported, the five countries are Iceland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia/Tasmania. They offer favourable conditions for maintaining high levels of social complexity.

In addition, Australia is full of territories with temperate climates, where a 4°C increase in global temperature would not cause major problems. However, among all of them, the one that stands out the most is 'New Zealand'.

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In last place is the United Kingdom, due to its population density and, therefore, low per capita availability of agricultural land. However, researchers say the study is not meant to encourage anyone, only highlight the flaws in global systems that connect.

"Significant changes are possible in the coming years and decades. The impact of climate change, including increased frequency and intensity of droughts and floods, extreme temperatures and increased population movements, may dictate the severity of these changes," a news release said.

"In addition to demonstrating which countries we believe are best suited to manage such a collapse, it would undoubtedly be a profound and life-changing experience. Our study aims to highlight actions to address the interrelated factors of climate change, agricultural capacity, domestic energy," he concludes.

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