Rare natural phenomenon causes three volcanoes to erupt at the same time in Alaska

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Ricky Joseph

A rare natural event in Alaska, in the Aleutian Islands specifically, is catching the eyes of scientists: three volcanoes are erupting, and two others are showing restlessness. According to a report released by NBC, it's been more than seven years since this last happened. Now, researchers are keeping a careful watch to closely monitor theunpredictability of volcanoes.

As reported by the Alaska Volcano Observatory, the Great Sitkin, Mount Pavlof and Semisopochnoi volcanoes remain on an orange alert level. This means that eruptions are ongoing, but are still small and minimal ash, however, it is impossible to ignore the effects that this rare natural event in Alaska can cause.

Great Sitkin, Mount Pavlof and Semisopochnoi. Image: Dvulgation/ NASA

Scientists identified little ash at Mount Pavlof, as well as at Semisopochnoi, while Great Sitkin showed no trace of ash. However, lava is flowing from within the latter, and at Semisopochnoi they detected explosions and seismic tremors.

Rare natural event in Alaska may be awakening other volcanoes

In addition, the volcanic complex at Atka and Mount Cleveland have already given indications that they are active, such as the small earthquakes at Atka, and the increased heat at Cleveland.The stage for this rare natural event in Alaska, Aleutian Arc, is formed by a chain of volcanoes scattered along the subduction boundary.However, its location is between two tectonic plates (Pacific Platepushing down from the North American Plate).

Such a chain is extensive, stretching from the Alaskan Peninsula to Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula. When volcanoes erupt, others can be 'awakened', but science has yet to explain why. The Aleutian Arc is home to a different kind of mystery.

Aleutian Islands where there is an alleged supervolcano in Alaska. Image: Disclosure/ NASA

Last year, scientists discovered a collection of volcanoes along this Arch, which may be part of a larger supervolcano. There's nothing to worry about, until then, but the rare natural event in Alaska is a true masterpiece for the scientific point of view.

Now, volcanologists and geologists are focused on finding some connection between the previous outbreaks of simultaneous activity. In doing so, they aim to learn more about this mysterious arc of volcanoes and decipher an enigma that has been going on for decades.

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