Norwegian finds strange sea creature in the North Sea

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Ricky Joseph

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Oscar Lundahl, a 19-year-old Norwegian fisherman, caught a fish with abnormally large eyes in the North Sea.

The unusual sea creature was caught while he was trying to catch a blue halibut. The young man threw the bait at a depth of 800 meters and, after half an hour, removed the hooks, he saw a strange creature that looked like a kind of prehistoric appearance.

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"We were looking for blue halibut, which is a rare species and lives about five miles offshore.I had four hooks on a line and felt something quite big at the end.It took me about 30 minutes to reel it in because it was half a mile deep.There were two halibut on two hooks and I was really happy with that and then I saw there was something else.It was amazing.I'd never seen it beforenothing like that before. It looked strange, a bit like a dinosaur. I didn't know what it was, but my colleague did."

The unusual sea creature was caught while he was trying to catch a blue halibut. (Image: Facebook)

A strange creature?

The fish removed from the water died as a result of a sharp change in pressure. Despite its ancient appearance, the fish is known and named Chimaeras monstrosa linnaeus It is a distant relative of the shark. Because it lives in great depths, we rarely see it - which makes it a rare fish.

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The scientific name of the fish alludes to a mythical Greek monster that had the head of a lion and the tail of a dragon.

The species is harmless to humans and only feeds on crustaceans, such as crabs and sea snails. Its appearance, however, is undoubtedly enough to scare anyone who encounters it.

Oscar Lundahl holding the fish (Image: Facebook)

The fish got its name because of its long, thin tail, which scientists say resembles that of a mouse. Its huge eyes reflect light like a cat and help it navigate in the dark.

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The Norwegian fisherman decided to take the fish home and, despite its ugly appearance, eat it. According to Osacar, the fish was "a bit like codfish, but tastier".

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