Noam Chomsky: "We are approaching the most dangerous point in human history"

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Ricky Joseph

The 93-year-old American linguist and professor Noam Chomsky spoke in an interview with Newsman about the climate catastrophe and the great threat of an imminent nuclear war that represents humanity's most dangerous point.

"We are now facing the prospect of the destruction of organized human life on Earth," the professor reports. Noam is known as the world's most cited living scholar, who despite his age, is still active and with the moral fervor of a young radical who is more concerned about the world's mortality than his own.

War in Ukraine and liberal democracy

Chomsky has a family connection with Ukraine. His father was born in the country, but emigrated to the United States in 1913 in order to avoid military service in the czarist army. Seeing the war going on in the country, Noam has no hesitation in denouncing Vladimir Putin's criminal aggression against an entire population of civilians.

According to him, there are two ways to look at this issue. The first is to conduct probing of the recesses of Putin's distorted mind to determine what is going on in his deep psyche.

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The second, is to look at the facts. "In September 2021, the United States came out with a strong political statement calling for increased military cooperation with Ukraine, promoting additional advanced military weapons shipments, all part of enhancing Ukraine's NATO membership program. [...] What we know is that Ukraine will be further devastated.And we could move to a nuclear warterminal if we don't pursue opportunities that exist for a negotiated settlement."

Noam further said that the Russian leader's biggest fear is not the NATO siege, but the possibility of the spread of liberal democracy in Ukraine and other regions close to Russia. "Putin is as concerned about democracy as we are."

Noam Chomsky talks about American leadership

Anyone who has read Noam's book titled as American Powers and the News Mandarins which was published in 1969, knows his contempt for the hypocrisies and contradictions of American politics.

"It is certainly right to have moral outrage about Putin's actions in Ukraine, but it would be even greater progress to have moral outrage about other horrible atrocities." In his speech, Noam Chomsky reports on having millions of people in Afghanistan going hungry, even with food in the markets.

Climate Change remains a major danger to the future of humanity. Image: One Earth Climate Model

"Those who have little money have to watch their children go hungry because they can't go to the market to buy food, why, because the United States, with the support of Britain, has kept Afghanistan's funds in New York banks and will not release them."

Possible return of Trump and climate crisis

When talking about Donald Trump and his possible comeback, Noam Chomsky recalls the 1930s, where what comes to mind are memories of Hitler's speeches on the radio. "I didn't understand the words, I was six years old. But I understood the mood. And it was scary and terrifying. And when you watch one of Trump's rallies, that can't help but come to mind. That's what we're facing."

Noam said Trump's bigotry has caused the GOP's educated base to barely consider climate change as a serious issue, "This is a death sentence for the species."

Now, Noam Chomsky believes that young people are the hope for a better future. He reports that younger people are horrified by the behavior of the older generation, and that they are more dedicated to changing the course of history before it consumes us all.

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