Meet the top 6 strongest pains in the world

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Ricky Joseph

McGill University (Canada) established a scale of the most severe pain by cross-referencing questionnaires answered by patients.

Thus, the classification considers the most intense pain from tolerable to unbearable.

6 - Rheumatoid arthritis

The patient's immune system attacks the joint membrane. In response, the joints swell and produce inflammatory enzymes causing severe pain that is relived by contact with even a simple piece of clothing. The continued inflammation eventually damages tendons, cartilage and bones.


5 - Crohn's Disease

This autoimmune inflammation of the digestive tract leads to attacks of acute pain similar to an attack of appendicitis that cannot be treated. At first, the causes are genetic and environmental.

4 - Amputation of a finger

This is because the finger is the most highly innervated part of the body, so its amputation without anesthesia causes the most severe pain. Especially since the victim often suffers from the pain of a "phantom limb".

3 - Childbirth

Image of Sanjasy by Pixabay

First labor is described not only as one of the most severe pain, but it is also considered the length of the pain. Sometimes it is more than six hours feeling this pain due to the sudden contractions of the uterine muscle.

2 - Bite of the paraponera ant

The bite of the paraonera ant is considered the most painful in the animal kingdom. Photo: Didier Descouens

This ant lives in the Amazon and has a very painful neurotoxic venom in its sting. It provides an intense burning sensation that radiates throughout the stung limb and causes involuntary contractions of the muscles for several hours.

1 - Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

The syndrome often occurs after an injury (fracture or benign operation) that damages a nerve and can cause it to malfunction. The patient then experiences acute pain with hypersensitivity and swelling. An attack can last several months and there is no treatment for CRPS.

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