Masks are effective in combating Covid-19. Learn why

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Ricky Joseph

Since the beginning of March of this year, the manufacturers of masks for protection against Covid- 19 already deal with the problem of lack of various raw materials for production, according to information from the newspaper O Globo. This is because demand is growing all the time due to the upward curve of Covid-19 in Brazil.

The lack of material for mask production affects in particular manufacturers of masks for use by non-health professionals.

But does the use of fabric masks really work?

According to information from the website Smithsonan The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in several countries around the world have come to the conclusion that masks made of fabric are indeed recommended. They reduce the risk of contamination and transmission of the new Coronavirus.

The use is recommended in public places, in addition to the need for social distancing. As social distancing cannot always be followed to the letter in everyday life, the use of fabric masks becomes even more important against Covid-19.

The use of masks for protection against the new Coronavirus, however, is not yet a requirement, at least in many countries, as in the case of Brazil. However, the use should be made as a form of awareness and precaution.

Constant hand washing is also essential, as well as the use of 70% alcohol.

How do the masks protect against Covid- 19?

It is worth noting that Covid-19 is caused by the new Coronavirus - SARS-CoV-2. This virus is transmitted by invisible particles easily from one person to another in a ratio of more than 1:6.

Coughing, sneezing, or simply speaking from an infected person may be sufficient for Covid-19 transmission. One infected person can transmit the virus to at least 6 unprotected individuals.

The cloth masks, in this case, represent an effective barrier against particles contaminated by the new Coronavirus - although they do not protect the user 100%. In addition, the cloth masks protect the nose and mouth, parts of the body most vulnerable to the entry of the virus.

Still, it is believed that by the time the new Coronavirus gets past the tissue mask, it may have evaporated into the air with the transmitting vehicle (contaminated saliva and mucus).

Another point for the importance of the use of the cloth masks are the asymptomatic individuals. They can have Covid-19 but not show any of the symptoms, although they transmit the virus in the same way.

It is also worth knowing that fabric masks should be sanitized after being used in public places, with 70% alcohol or bleach.

Masks for professional use

Also according to the CDC, masks for professional use should be intended only for those who work in the health area. This is because the contact of such people with already contaminated individuals is much greater.

By releasing professional masks to the general population, this protective accessory would become even scarcer. This would create a "cascading effect": healthcare workers would be more exposed to Covid-19, putting themselves at risk and increasing community transmission of the disease in general.

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