Man jumps on alligator that was attacking his own trainer

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Ricky Joseph

Recently, a man jumped on top of an alligator to save a woman who was about to lose her hand and forearm. This potential tragedy happened at a reptile facility called Scales & Trails Utah in the United States during a boy's five-year birthday.

Darth Gator, the beast, was resting in his enclosure until the trainer entered to feed him, while all the guests watched the scene protected by acrylic. However, it seems that the 2,4 meters animal did not satiate his appetite only with what he was offered, he wanted something more.

It was then that, unexpectedly, it grabbed the trainer's hand and started spinning, in its deadly attack. Everyone was left unresponsive, until one man jumped on top of the alligator to stop the damage from being even greater, and, fortunately, succeeded. Watch the traumatic scene:

In Ethiopia, alligators invade homes after flooding

When a man jumps on top of an alligator to rescue someone in danger, it is because something very wrong has happened, however, this was not the first and will not be the last boat that takes everyone by surprise. The animal in question lives protected in West Valley City, but in the world, there are about 23 crocodile species (involving crocodiles, caimans and alligators). In Brazil, there are six of thesespecies!

Image: Rusty Clark

An adult alligator has about eighty teeth in its mouth, which eventually break or fall out due to various factors, but new ones are born. They change teeth approximately forty times throughout their lives, that is, the animal accumulates more than three thousand teeth from the time it is born until the time of its death.

While in the United States the man jumped on alligators to save a life, in Ethiopia, 19 people died after the attack of this reptile. In fact, in 2005, there was a flood in the country that caused the water level to rise, causing these creatures to invade urban areas. In total, 134 individuals died!

According to the owner of the company responsible for Darth Gator, the trainer is recovering well after facing a surgery. She will remain in absolute rest so that their hand movements are not sequelated. However, it is worth remembering that the animals are irrational and follow their instincts, so it is necessary to maintain double care every time there is some kind of contact.

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