Man is face to face with an anaconda 8 meters in MS; see the video

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Ricky Joseph

A resident of the city of Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, was face to face with a sucuri of 8 meters. In fact, he recorded the snake feeding on a little jawed.

What is impressive in the images is the size of the animal. The man, Juca Ygarapé, says that this was not the first time he saw a sucuri up close, so he knew how he should act.

Man's encounter with the 8-meter long anaconda

As I said before, Juca Ygarapé has already had other contacts with this type of animal: "Every now and then I come across reptiles of this size, I've done a lot of stuff for BBC TV, Discovery and other TV channels", he explains. But this time the video that shows the 8 metre long anaconda devouring a little bit was recorded last year.

The video is short, 20 seconds long, but right at the beginning you can see how close the man really got to the 8-meter long anaconda, and then you can see how imposing the snake is. Juca has been observing wildlife in Bonito for more than 15 years, since he accompanied the aforementioned reporting teams.

Speaking of anaconda, this type of snake is also known as anaconda, boiçus or viborões, among others. Moreover, the largest ever found in the world was 10 meters long, if this anaconda of 8 meters located in Bonito was already big, know that adult snakes of its species reach up to 9 meters.

The anaconda is a snake found in different parts of South America, besides Brazil, also in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and in the north of Argentina. First of all, they know that this animal only attacks when it is cornered, although it looks scary due to the size it measures.

Juca Ygarapé is a cameraman and photographer, but also a tourism entrepreneur, he made this record in the waters of Rio Formoso. This image was made 4 meters deep, along with cameraman Cristian Dimitrius. In fact, they were doing the capture of images for a documentary about the wildlife and beauties of the region.

Coronavirus has changed the routine in Bonito

For those who do not know, Bonito is a city that has much of its income concentrated in ecotourism, being an area known mainly for rivers with clear waters and full of fish. But due to the New Coronavirus, on March 19 the mayor of the city announced restrictive measures.

In fact, the tourism sector is one of the most affected by the pandemic, since travel has become more difficult and complicated. Thus, with fewer visitors the most visited places in Bonito have become empty.

The famous Rio Formoso Ecological Park is one of the main targets of visitors who go to the city of Mato Grosso do Sul, offering a differentiated contact with nature. By the way, if one day you want to visit, know that there are 8 rapids that can be crossed, in a course of 1,200 meters with boia cross.

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