Man fights white shark and is one of the rare victims to survive

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Ricky Joseph

The attack of a marine predator, the dreaded white shark, to the surfer Nick Minogue, of 60 years, occurred on the beach of Paunui, in New Zealand. The man was surfing when he was attacked by a shark, that bit the board and, in the first minutes, left the surfer stunned, that did not know what to do.

According to Nick, what saved him was his memory. He remembered the stories of his colleagues who had already had similar experiences, and who often said that sharks had weak points: the nose or the eyes. He tried to apply his theoretical knowledge, since there was nothing else to do, reports Sky News.

Nick said he yelled at the predator, cursing the shark many things and punched it.

"I aimed for the eye," said the surfer, "but I missed, my blow went straight into the shark's face and I tried to hit it again, on the second try I succeeded."

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"I yelled, 'Go away!' and punched him in the eye again. It turns out sharks have huge eyes - bigger than my fist. My main task at that moment was not to be a victim of a predator," Nick said.

Pauanui Beach is on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand (Image: Daniel de Vries/Wikimedia Commons)

After that, the shark got out and disappeared into the ocean. Nick took advantage of it and swam to shore.

At first Nick was not sure that he had fought the great white shark, feared by all. It was by analyzing Nick's report and the bites on the boards that experts were able to identify the species of the animal.

"It was a gray shark with a white background, probably a great white.It was a big head and jaw.I kind of sat in shock and decided to hit it.That was the only thing to do," Nick reported

Nick is one of the rare cases to survive a great white shark attack. He walked away with only a few scratches and minor damage to his surfboard.

"There was blood dripping down the sleeve of my wetsuit, luckily it wasn't very deep. Two teeth punched holes in my wetsuit, but only one punctured the skin," Nick said.

He still remembered his luck: "I still have one arm and fingers, it could have been much worse".

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