Image of quantum entanglement is captured for the first time in history

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Ricky Joseph

Quantum entanglement is spotted by physicists for the first time. The photo depicts two photons interacting and sharing physical states for a brief instant - an event that occurs regardless of the actual distance between the particles.

In the article, published in the journal Scientific Advances , scientists at the University of Glasglow have shared the first known image of Bell entanglement.

To capture a picture of Bell entanglement, the physicists created a system that shoots streams of entangled photons from a quantum light source into what they call "unconventional objects." These objects are displayed in liquid crystal materials, which can change the phase of photons as they move through them. A camera capable of detecting photons was thenset to take a picture when a photon entangled with another was identified.

According to the researchers, quantum entanglement is one of the primary pillars of quantum mechanics. The concept is used in practical applications such as quantum computing and cryptography, but no one has ever been able to capture a picture of it in action.

The physicists involved in the project believe that imaging can help advance the field of quantum computing and could lead to new types of imaging.

SOURCE / Engadget

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