How to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables daily?

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Ricky Joseph

A recent general review took stock of the changes that work according to the scientific literature regarding the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables. Nutritional recommendations encourage us to consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

Even so, few Brazilians and citizens of other nations eat the recommended amount. So, what strategies to use to improve or increase the rate of individuals consuming this food group? The overview review published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity took stock of this issue.

How to improve fruit and vegetable consumption

Communication aimed at changing behaviour

These strategies can be divided into contexts such as: raising public awareness through communication or information, providing advice in clinical settings and interventions in educational settings with tools and knowledge on nutrition at work, at home or in the community.

Environment and family system

Having a garden to produce your own fruits and vegetables can contribute significantly to increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. If you decide to do this, check first that the soil meets the content standards for certain molecules of interest.

On the other hand, price interventions have a considerable effect. For example, household subsidies or price reductions increase consumption as well, while taxes and price increases reduce it.

Building knowledge and facilitating access

Therefore, based on these data, it seems clear that optimizing the consumption of fruits and vegetables in the population is possible. Finally, it is necessary to increase people's practical skills and implement systemic measures to make these products geographically available.

Probably the effect of simple exposure and constant public health messages are viewed positively by the population.

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