Housewife finds boa constrictor snake in flower pot, in MS

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Ricky Joseph

A housewife found a boa constrictor snake sleeping in her flower pot, the scare was huge, but the reptile did not wake up. The fact happened in Bonito, and Rita Pedroso, the woman who discovered the intruder in your backyard, explains that every day she wakes up and goes to check the garden while the coffee is ready.

"I got up early, I prepared my coffee and suddenly went to lift a plant and face the snake. I took a big scare, I did not know what species it was. I took a big scare, I trembled all", told the housewife in an interview with G1. Rita called the Forest Police, who rescued the boa constrictor snake without any problem. The curious thing is that the animal at no time woke up from his sleepdeep.

Sleeping boa in the flower pot. Image: Rita Pedroso

It is not difficult to find the reptile in the region, and Rita explains that other snakes have already invaded her residence before, however, none slept. "About five other snakes have already entered here, I live close to the reserve. With this one, this time, it is the sixth. We even found a anaconda in the bathroom of the swimming pool. I live very well with nature, I love it, but I am afraid", she concluded.

boa constrictor snakes and other species are frequently found in the state

Recently, a video of Vilmar Teixeira viralized on the internet for showing two giant anacondas sunbathing on the banks of a river also in Bonito. He, a tour guide, was accompanying a group on a canoe trip when he managed to catch the glimpse and make the images from his cell phone. Just like the boa constrictor snake, anacondas are often caught in the city, above all in placesThe crystal clear waters of Bonito are paradisiacal, but cause fear in many people, who already know that the place is the preferred habitat of these reptiles.

A 2,5 meter long sucuri swimming in Bonito. Image: Vilmar Teixeira

Many believe that the boa constrictor is venomous, but it has no venom glands and not even inoculating teeth. However, it kills its prey by constriction, preventing blood flow, just like the anacondas.

In its menu, especially small rodent mammals, but it also feeds on amphibians, birds, other animals' eggs and even smaller reptiles, such as lizards. Despite being carnivorous, it has become a pet in some regions, due to its calm behavior.

A boa snake rarely attacks humans, precisely because of its peaceful characteristics, and lives an average of 20 years. When Rita found the reptile sleeping in her flower pot, she didn't know which species it was, and immediately called for help to remove the crawling creature from her house.

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