Historic extreme cold hits Brazil this week

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Ricky Joseph

Has it snowed in your town yet? If the answer is no, with the historic extreme cold that hits Brazil this week the possibility is real!

It is a mass of cold air that promises to cause rains, hail and a tremendous cold. But the expected arrival of this cold wave was for Wednesday, 19, what ended up not happening.

BBC News Brazil interviewed meteorologists who said that temperatures could fall across much of Brazil, including the north and northeast, and that even states like Amazonas and Bahia could feel the effects.

Besides the historic extreme cold, there's a lot of rain coming

According to experts, the arrival of this cold air mass could cause heavy rains in much of Brazil. There is a frontal system - which is when air masses with different characteristics meet - with clouds ranging from Mato Grosso do Sul to Santa Catarina.

"When the cold air invades the country and finds the most humid region, as the mountains of Gaucha, Santa Catarina and Parana and this will cause conditions for snowfall, since in temperatures below 0 degree falls snow instead of rain, if there are conditions of instability for this," said the meteorologist of the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), Francisco de Assis.

In the hottest regions of the country, as in Mato Grosso do Sul, where thermometers recently marked 40ºC, it can make minimum 15ºC. Moreover, this cold front should follow until the Equator, repeating a phenomenon that happened in 1955, 1963, 1975 and 1985

According to the meteorologist from the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Maicon Veber, masses like this one originated in polar regions, came from southern Argentina and can follow them to the ocean or continue on the continent.

"In this case, it follows the continent and has the characteristic of being colder and drier. Tomorrow, it should arrive in the center-south of Rio Grande do Sul and moves to the south of the Amazon. It still reaches Paraguay, Bolivia, the center-west, southeast and south, as well as the states of Acre and Rondônia," Veber said.

Will it snow in Brazil?

Snow is a rare phenomenon in Brazil, although it has happened a few times. Usually the cold air masses are more than 1 km thick, going from the surface to the atmosphere, this time the thickness is between 5 and 6 km.

In the South there is a chance of snow, as on Thursday a system called cyclone vortex arrives in the region, which will cause instability and will trigger snow conditions.

And starting Friday, the chance of frost in the South and Southeast is something that could happen.

Weather forecast until Sunday

In Porto Alegre, according to Inmet, the forecast indicates that the minimum will be 2ºC on Friday, 21. Already on Saturday, 22, rises to 5 º C and on Sunday, 23, already reaches 6 º C.

For Sao Paulo, the forecast indicates lows of 7ºC on Friday, increasing to 8ºC the following day and staying at 9ºC on Sunday.

In Cuiabá, Friday dawns with 12ºC, unlike Thursday, when the minimum was 19ºC. On Saturday it drops even more, to 11ºC. Moreover, to get an idea, next Monday, 24, should make minimum 22ºC.

With information from G1.

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