First images of Falcon Heavy's failed core landing are released

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Ricky Joseph

The largest and most powerful rocket in activity, Falcon Heavy, produced an unparalleled feat. A civilian company was responsible for this feat, which was not accomplished even by powerful states in the middle of the cold war.

The launch of Falcon Heavy was a success. It almost managed to complete its entire mission, which was to launch a dummy and his contraption into the stars - well, at least our star - and return intact to Earth.

Its two side boosters landed in sync, its center booster, however, gave the impression of having been abducted by aliens, due to the silence SpaceX made when what we most wanted to have heard was that it would have been able to complete the most exciting part of its mission, besides going into space and launching a sports car: landing in the Atlantic. After some time, for theambivalence of fate, SpaceX stopped being silent and said straight up: the center booster failed to land.

Well, so what if the central booster failed to land? We should thank the human capacity of the engineers and others in charge who applied scientific technique beautifully in this great achievement. The rocket did not explode right at the launch center because human capacity is improvising. With each mistake, we improve. It is a natural law.

Despite ending its silence, SpaceX did not release images of its technical glitch until Elon Musk attended a conference call for the HBO series Westworld.

In the image, we can see that the central core oscillates and collides near the ferry at high speed.

If you want to see part of the conference where Elon Musk talks about, watch the video below, but if you want to watch the crash directly, watch the short video below this one.

Or watch the full clip that SpaceX made, where they released the high definition image of the collision.

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