Ancient 'amazon' warrior was no older than 13, study reveals

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Ricky Joseph

According to Greek mythology, a tribe of brutal and aggressive warrior women lived in Central Asia. According to Herodotus and Strabo the amazon warrior women lived on the banks of the Thermodon River. Now, researchers have just revealed that a warrior's tomb discovered three decades ago belonged to a young 'amazon' warrior woman, no older than 13.

Marble Statue "The Wounded Amazon" at the Capitoline Museums in Rome (Credits: Jean-Pol GRANDMONT)

In the 1980s, researchers found the tomb of what was believed to be a partially mummified young warrior in Siberia.

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The mummy led researchers to fascination as it was in a great state of preservation. Even a 'wart' was visible on its face. However, at that time researchers found no evidence that the remains belonged to a woman.

Tomb of the amazon child (Image: Vladimir Semyonov)

The young Amazon warrior

Next to the body were found a complete set of weapons: an axe, a one meter bow and a quiver with ten arrows, 70 centimeters long.

Arrows found in the tomb. Of the arrows found at the site, two were made of wood, one with a bone tip and the arrowheads of the rest were made of bronze. (Image: A.Yu. Makeeva)

At the site there was no mirror, bead or any other indication that the grave of a girl. So the researchers concluded that the remains were those of a boy aged between 12 and 13. The confusion happened because the technological resources available thirty years ago were very limited.

Now, more than thirty years later, a DNA analysis has shown that the weapons were laid out in the tomb of a little warrior girl. Perhaps a young Amazon, born and bred for war, as described by the ancient Greeks? Carbon dating showed that the girl lived 2,600 years ago.

Two battle axes found in the tomb (Image: A.Yu. Makeeva)

A connection to the myth of the Amazons

The new findings open a new aspect in the study of the social history of the society lived in that time and place and involuntarily returns us to the myth of the Amazons that survived thanks to the historian Herodotus and the Greek physician Hippocrates.

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Hippocrates recounts having observed women warriors among the Sarmatians, a group cited famous for their mastery of mounted warfare.

"Their women, so long as they were virgins, rode, shot, threw the javelin while mounted, and fought with their enemies," wrote Hippocrates

The new study was published in the journal Anthropology check it out.

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