An Audi electric car asked the owner to change the oil

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Ricky Joseph

The owner of an Audi e-tron electric car received a warning on the dashboard about the need to replace the engine oil. A spokesperson for Audi said that the error exists, but it affected only the first batches of the car and was corrected in subsequent ones, the Mashable portal reported.

One of the main advantages of electric vehicles is that, due to the lack of an internal combustion engine and the devices that complement it, they contain fewer parts that require maintenance. But a significant proportion of the components of electric vehicles are similar to ordinary cars, which means that they still require repairs, such as a brake or suspension system.

In January, some owners of the Audi e-tron electric car started finding a message on the dashboard recommending that they go through maintenance after a few miles, such as changing the oil, even though engine oil is not used in electric vehicles.

Carey Trost @cdtrost C'mon @AudiOfficial, exactly which oil is supposed to be changed in my #etron? Do I also need to get the carburetor adjusted? // 7:51 PM - Feb 11, 2020 1 1

Audi said that this error can indeed occur in an e-tron electric car, but does not affect traffic safety. Moreover, in future versions the error has been corrected.

"The suspended message appears because the e-tron shares software for entertainment screens and other displays with other Audi (internal combustion engine) models, as it allows sustainable management of economies of scale. It is the consequence of a pre-electric era," according to the Mashable portal.

Many people believe that electric cars are different from conventional cars. Although humorous, the message highlights the struggle to convert the collective mentality towards the new generation of electric cars.

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