After police release dogs at protest, protester takes lion

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Ricky Joseph

In a protest that has lasted nearly 2 months, protesters have clashed with the Iraqi government seeking to eliminate its procrastination in carrying out social policies, and in actions against corruption, unemployment and the malfunctioning state.

At least 320 people have died so far, while thousands are injured.

Government police forces, in addition to using deadly force weapons and tear gas in attempts to disperse the crowd, are also using an old method: dogs.

Pictures have been circulating on the interweb of a protester leading his lion at the protest with descriptions that it was a response to the dogs the police are 'throwing' at the protesters.


"Iraqi protesters bring a lion to protest areas after security forces intervene in protests with police dogs," the video description reads.

It is not known where the footage was taken, but over the past two months there have been numerous protests in Iraq's capital, Baghdad, and in the country's southern provinces. Many of these protests were violent and left hundreds of people dead and wounded.

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The protesters have been demanding electoral reforms, including constitutional amendments and infrastructure legislation. Parliament has received a draft of a new electoral law but is still procrastinating in debating it, according to the protesters, who are seeking more swift action from the rulers.

Although lions appear in several depictions in ancient Mesopotamia, where today is Iraq, this species is no longer native to that region. The last known lion in the country was killed in 1918 in the lower Tigris region.

Although extinct in the region, it is very common for people to have lions as pets.

About a month ago in Pakistan, a man who tends a mosque unleashed his pet lion on a worker who demanded back pay.

Ali Raza released the animal towards Mohammad Rafique, who was promptly attacked by the lion, having injured arms and face - the people who were around did nothing to restrain the lion from attacking him.

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